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hunterspass.com is here to help you save money on your outdoor gear purchases. Just like a Mountain Pass will lead you between the highest peaks, we’re going to lead you between the high prices and right to the best deals. We’re going to do that by emailing you “special offers” of discounts on hunting and camping items from several leading outdoor companies. You do need to sign up to receive these great offers, so please click on the Registration Page to get started.

If you navigate around the rest of our site you'll be able to get more details of how we can save you some money. Click on the Salesman Samples page and you'll find out about some really special "limited quantity" items. Click on the Sale Items page and you’ll find out a little bit more about how our sales work.

We started working with these first charter member companies because they have quite a few product lines, which give you a larger range of products to choose from. We plan to continue to search for other partners and other products. If there is a particular product that you’d like to see us try to add, please let us know.

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